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A dangerous factor Hairuo g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.


A dangerous factor Hairuo g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.

A specific part or description:
(1) liquid fires: Diesel fires caused by diesel and gasoline used in lubricating oils, engines, and cleaning parts.
(2) solid fire: fire caused by dry cloth or oil cloth, fire caused by other flammable and combustible materials.
(3) electrical fire:
Fire caused by engine of A. bulldozer. Engine maintenance, motor overload caused by poor insulation damage, poor contact, single phase operation, mechanical friction, the iron loss is too large, the heat failure caused winding, wire, iron core, brush and bearing position of the fire caused by fire.
B. batteries or terminals have impurities, oil accumulation and corrosion for a long time, resulting in even power or contact loose, sparking.
C. a long time starting engine, over its safe starting time or frequent start, will cause the battery line and starting motor heating or burning, resulting in fire.
Accident prevention measures
(1) equipped with fire extinguishers, such as dry powder fire extinguishers, and regularly check whether the fire extinguisher is in good condition and whether the pressure is enough or not.
(2) strictly prohibit the use of gasoline to wipe parts, such as special circumstances, there is a need, strict fire precautions must be taken.
(3) the use of oils or oils at the storage point is strictly prohibited.
(4) the cloth with oil is placed in the metal container for centralized treatment.
(5) no fireworks are allowed while the bulldozer is pumping.
(6) no fuel shall be added before the engine of the bulldozer is stopped. ,
(7) when the fuel is added to the bulldozer, the engine is not to be overhauled and debugged, and hammer grinding is not allowed near the oil filled container.
(8) no fuel is allowed under thunderstorm or high voltage power lines.
(9) it is strictly forbidden to use the short circuit method to fire the fire to check the wiring of the bulldozer circuit.
(10) it is strictly forbidden to put all kinds of gasoline containing containers into the bulldozer's cab.
(11) smoking is strictly prohibited in the bulldozer driving room.
(12) it is forbidden to use naked flame as an illumination to check the oil in the tank.
(13) when welding the components and fuel tanks of the bulldozers, the welded joints should be cleaned strictly to prevent ignition of oil or other combustibles.
(14) regularly check and maintain the integrity of the oil circuit system to prevent fire caused by the leakage of fuel oil.
(15) do not use water to extinguish oil fires.
(16) prevention measures of engine fire;
A. to strengthen the overhaul of the engine maintenance work, often add lubricant to the bearings, brush often replaced, pay attention to observe whether the temperature is too high or no spark, to prevent overload and two-phase operation.
B. electrical personnel should conscientiously implement the norms, correctly connect the lead, the terminal should be pressed firmly, compacted, all kinds of switch contacts should be firmly connected.
C. engines should have suitable fuses for overload protection.
D. electric wire, must use the standard product line, to prevent wire or other quality problems, causing the wire overheating caused by fire.
All the wires of the E. shall be bundled into bundles, arranged in good order, fixed and clamped. The joints are firm and insulated, and insulated sleeves shall be installed as the wires pass through the holes.
F. maintain the integrity of the motor fan blades and radiators.
The g. shall always check and clear the oxide of the battery terminals. The oxide increases the contact resistance at the junction, causing the current to decrease, causing the motor to rotate or rotate.
H. regularly check and replenish the electrolyte every week. Make sure the air vent on the battery (maintenance free battery is breather) is unimpeded. Otherwise, plug the trachea will increase the internal pressure of the battery, causing the shell burst.
The starting time of the I. starter shall not exceed 5S, restart again, and the interval shall not be less than 10 15s.
J. maintain engine lubrication system according to lubrication requirements to prevent fire due to lack of oil, friction and heating.
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