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Shandong Hairuo bulldozer safety rules g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.


Shandong Hairuo bulldozer safety rules g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.

Safety operation procedures for bulldozers
The operation of bulldozers shall comply with the relevant provisions of general safety technical requirements.
Two. The safety technical requirements of wire rope for winch type bulldozer shall comply with the general safety technical requirements of hoisting machinery.
Three, the preparation of bulldozers before use, should refer to the use of excavators before the preparation of work.
Four, bulldozer work should pay attention to the following safety matters:
1, after the engine is started, no one is standing on the crawler or the earth knife support.
2 before the bulldozer works, if there are large blocks or other obstructions in the work area, it should be removed.
3, bulldozer work should be smooth, eat soil should not be too deep, bulldozing knife lifting don't thrust the knife away from the floor to 0.4 meters is appropriate, not too high.
4, bulldozers through the bridge, dam, culvert, should be aware of its carrying capacity, and through a low speed smooth.
5. When driving on a ramp, the slope of the bulldozer shall not exceed 25 degrees, and the slope of the downhill slope shall not exceed 35 degrees, and the lateral slope shall not exceed 10 degrees. On the steep slope (25 degrees or more), no lateral driving, vertical running on steep slope, no sharp turn action. Apply low gear to the upper and lower slopes, and do not change gears.
On the way, 6 on the top, if the engine stops suddenly, immediately push the knife on the ground, and depress the brake pedal lock, bulldozer to stop, then the master clutch, the gear lever in the neutral position, with a triangular block track or tire wedge die, and then re start the engine.
7, bulldozers in 25 degrees above the slope to push soil, should first fill and dig, until the bulldozer can maintain its balance, before they can start work.
8, filling in the ditch or near the slope, soil slope beyond the ban push knife edge, and changed the reverse gear, can enhance the bulldozing blade, reversing.
9, in the deep groove, steep slope area operation, should have special command.
10, the earth machine in the pit or deep groove operation, should have special command. The foundation pit and the deep groove shall not be more than 2 meters in general. If the above depth is exceeded, the safety slope shall be released. At the same time, it is forbidden to use the earth knife to push the soil on the side.
11, bulldozers push trees, should pay attention to high altitude debris and trunk backward.
12, bulldozers pushing walls or roofs, with large bulldozers, the wall shall not be more than 2.5 meters; with medium and small bulldozers, the wall height shall not exceed 1.5 meters.
13, in the vicinity of poles to push soil, should maintain a certain mound. The size of the mound can be determined by the construction personnel according to the structure of the pole, the depth of burial and the soil condition. Mound radius should not be less than 3 meters in general.
14 、 if there is a blasting project at the construction site, the bulldozer should be in safe area before blasting. After the explosion, the driver should personally go to the scene to observe, that in line with safe operating conditions, the machine can be opened to the construction site. If there is any danger, the driver has the right to refuse to enter the danger area and to consult his superior in time
15. When several bulldozers work together on a site, the distance shall not be less than 8 meters, and the distance shall not be less than 1.5 meters.
16, bulldozers in the case of load, no sharp turn. In case of high speed, crawler bulldozer should also avoid sharp turn, so as to prevent the track from falling or damaging.
17, during the working hours, drivers are not allowed to leave their jobs at will.
18, bulldozers in work, is strictly prohibited maintenance, maintenance, and prohibit personnel up and down.
19, night construction, workplace should have good lighting.
20, in rainy muddy land, bulldozer may not carry on the earth work.
Five, after the bulldozer work, should be outside the dust, dirt, dirt rinse clean, according to routine maintenance of the machinery inspection, maintenance, adjustment, lubrication, fastening. Drive the machine to a flat, secure place, land the knife, close the engine (in winter and clean the cooling water) and lock the door and window before leaving.
Six when bulldozers cross the shoal, check the water depth and river bed condition and check whether the screws at the bottom of the rear axle are fastened to prevent muddy water from entering.
Seven, bulldozers are not allowed to do long distance walk: its walking distance, generally should not exceed 1.5 kilometers.
Eight, bulldozers shall not be used as cranes, winches and ground ridges. The bulldozer shall not be used for mixing lime, lime, ash and rock pressure pushing etc.
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