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The price of the excavator, excavator manufacturers, excavator type Hairuo g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.


The price of the excavator, excavator manufacturers, excavator type Hairuo g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.

Safety operation rules for excavators
1, excavator start or operate before the start, should send a signal; after starting the engine, bucket, arm, track and hangars on the station.
2, prohibited any stay in the excavator operation area, excavator operation is strictly prohibited irrelevant personnel into the interior, to prohibit any person on the machine and transfer the objects, and are not allowed to use any of the items are not allowed to interfere with the operation, while working side, repair and maintenance
3, the work position must be flat and fixed. Track brake before the work, should be the best tire excavator legs, tire off the ground, the direction of the vehicle body and mining work face direction should be consistent, the operation should not be too deep into the shovel, bucket should not be excessive
4, in the high slope on the working surface of mining with stone earthwork, should be larger stones and debris removed. If the soil dug into the vacant and not natural slump, is the need for manual processing, prohibit the use of the bucket will be floating down the earth
5, strictly prohibit the use of bucket hit (broken) broken solid objects, are not allowed to use rotating machinery to break the bucket solid objects. In case of larger stones or hard objects, they should be cleaned and re operated first. Mining five or more rocks without blasting is strictly prohibited
6. No bucket is allowed to cross the top of the wheelhouse's cab. To transport car dumping, should reduce the bucket height, prevent partial load or smashed cars
7, the excavator is not allowed to be arranged in the upper and lower two mining sections (face) at the same time. When moving in the working face, the ground must be leveled and the obstruction of the cataract should be eliminated. As in the soft ground to move, the walking device under the wood pad
8, strictly prohibit the use of bucket pole or bucket cylinder fully extend the excavator. When the bucket does not leave the ground, the excavator can not make horizontal or slewing movements
9, forbid to operate under the overhead equipment such as the electric wire, forbid to load the bucket for a long time stay in the space
10, prohibit the use of excavators to move the arm side drag in the side of the weight; prohibit the use of hydraulic excavator work device sudden drop impact mining way
11, when the excavator walks, when meets the electric wire, the crossing road, the pipeline and the bridge, must have the specially assigned person to command, the excavator and the high tension line distance may not be less than 5m; should avoid backwards walk as far as possible
12, walking, moving arm should be parallel with the track, the turret should stop, the bucket from the ground about 1m; downhill application of low-speed exercise, speed and sliding prohibited
13, excavator parking location and walking routes should be with the road, ditch, pit and so on to maintain adequate safety distance, so as not to slip
14, the need for parking on a slope excavator, bucket must land on the ground, all dimensional position control lever is placed in position, parking brake, and should be in the rear track or tire cushion wedge
15, excavators in the work around the pole, should pay attention to the protection of wire, electricity (light) cable, wire rod and its tension line, cement piles and other electrical facilities
16, in the underground fiber optic cable near the excavation operation, in the city for operation, must be detailed understanding of good underground cable and pipe distribution, etc., strictly prohibit blind operation
17, excavators into the pond or wading through the river before the operation, we must effectively grasp the geological and bearing capacity, beware of machinery into the nest car
                                                          The price of the excavator, excavator manufacturers, excavator type Hairuo g Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.

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